How to Draw a Unicorn

How to Draw a Unicorn

Here is an easy guide to learn how to draw a unicorn.

No matter your age, whether you are a little girl with a passion for unicorns, or a beginner in drawing, you will be able to draw your first unicorn thanks to this great guide! Children will then have fun colouring their own unicorn, which they can then proudly display in their unicorn room 🦄.

To complete this drawing, you will need the following:

- A pencil

- An eraser

- A set of colorful pencils

- A piece of paper


#1 Drawing the snout of the unicorn

Start by drawing the unicorn's snout. To do this, draw a U-shaped curve, slightly dented on the underside, as in the photo below.


#2 Draw the nose, eye and ear of the unicorn

This step involves drawing details of the unicorn's nose, eye and front ear. Start by connecting the two sides of the nose to give it a form, then draw a small shape to represent the nostrils.

Next, draw a vat shape to represent the eye of the unicorn, and draw small strokes like a sun below the eye. This way the unicorn's eyelashes will come to life! Finally, draw the front ear of the unicorn, which looks very much like the shape of an arrow. 



#3 Drawing the unicorn's mane

Now let's get down to the drawing of the unicorn's mane. In this step, make the outline of the ear with two shapes as in the picture below. One discontinuous shape and one moon shape. Take your time and apply yourself to manage the proportions. Work with a pencil to erase imperfections in case of failure! 


#4 Finish drawing the unicorn's mane and chest

The unicorn's hair will finally take shape! Make her hair look full and fairylike. Then draw the front of her chest.


#5 Draw the legs of the unicorn

In this stage you will learn how to draw the legs of the unicorn. Start by drawing the front leg connected to the chest. Draw a continuous shape that goes down and then up towards the unicorn's belly. Next, draw a small line to form the hoof.


#6 Drawing the unicorn's belly and back 

This step is very simple! Using your pencil, connect the legs together to form the unicorn's belly, and the hair on the rear leg to draw its back.


#7 Drawing the unicorn's legs in the background

You learned to draw unicorn legs earlier, so go again! Draw the unicorn's legs in the background and sketch the detail of the hoof as shown below.



#8 Drawing the unicorn's tail 

This is the stage that will begin to give magical powers to our unicorn! Apply yourself, it is necessary to draw him a large and impressive tail!


#9: Drawing of the unicorn's tail and its horn

Here you are, the final step in our unicorn drawing tutorial. Start by drawing the detail of the unicorn's tail, long lines that go up and down. Finally, draw a unicorn horn as magical and fairylike as possible, the unicorn will need all its powers!

#10 The colouring of your unicorn design

This is the most appreciated step for children and little girls, the colouring! Colouring allows you to give life to your unicorn, giving it rainbow colours. Take your coloured pencils or felt-tip pens and colour your unicorn drawing in the colours of your choice, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, and above all colourful! You can of course take your inspiration from the drawing below or let your ideas flow!


Congratulations! You've done it!🎉


If you want to see a more in-depth technique on how to draw a unicorn here is the same guide in video!

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