Unicorn Dress


Discover our unicorn dresses for girls. A magical selection of dresses to feel like a Princess and embody the Unicorn spirit at a birthday, a carnival or a party... Find the perfect unicorn dress for your little girl from our 2021 collection of Unicorn dresses!

Here you will find more than 50 different dresses to choose from to dress-up in a magical unicorn fashion! Find the ideal unicorn dress for your child!

Which unicorn dress should I choose?

Our selection of dresses is wide and varied. To help you, here are the different models we offer:

Unicorn Costume Dresses: These types of dresses are ideal for dressing up for a festive event, such as a birthday party or a carnival. They are usually hyper colourful dresses, most of them multicoloured and come with a headband to complete the outfit. They are wonderful children's costumes to be worn for an even more fun party!

Tutu Unicorn Dresses: These dresses include a top with unicorn motifs, as well as a tutu-shaped skirt. They are generally suitable for the mild or warm seasons such as spring and summer. The tutu allows little girls to keep a freedom of movement to play and enjoy the beautiful days.

One-piece Unicorn Dresses: These larger unicorn dresses have been made in one piece to offer an original and versatile outfit. It is the perfect kawaii and light garment to wear at home or when going out.

If you are looking for a birthday unicorn dress, then the length of the dress is not critical. Instead, choose a model that suits your daughter, in terms of colours, patterns, accessories, cut or other. If you are looking for a summer unicorn dress, to take advantage of the beautiful days and mild temperatures, then opt for a short sleeved unicorn dress, like a skirt (or a long but light dress). Tutu dresses are just great for that!