Unicorn Plush



Plushies are undeniably one of the most loved toys by children. From the age of 6 months, your little darling would like to have her own cuddly toy to keep her warm and cozy.

Our collection offers you plush unicorns of all types. So whether you are a woman, a man, a girl or a boy, there will surely be one who'm you will fall for!

There are unicorn plushes in all sizes and colours. Wether you like pink plushes, blue, giant anti-stress models for adults, and other colours (white, yellow, rainbow, multicoloured, etc.).

Despite what you might think, a unicorn plush is much more than just a friend. Indeed, these adorable little creatures are also able to pass on good cheer to your son or daughter. How can they do this? Simply through the magical power of the unicorn! Yes, this is not pure fiction, unicorns acts in real life and transmits all their magic to us.